high school

I didn’t Wright in a long time, and a lot has happen since. My 1st day of high school was cool but also scary we had  look down 4 two whole weeks.We also had a ‘groentjie” consert witch was very fun. we had to wright test to deturmin in witch class you are i’m in the B class witch is the 2nd best. my 1st term i didn’t sit detencion, i survived my 1st term:p

there’s a boy i like but the only problem i have is that he like’s another girl and she’s my “best vriend” she flirting with him right before my eyes and i can’t do anything bcuz he likes her and not me she knows i like him but she still flirts with him. so i told her i don’t like him  anymore (but i still like him) and all she says is k what tipe of vriend is she then?

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